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IONIA CO., LTD. is a company specialized in developing and supplying a variety of echo friendly health appliances including alkaline water ionizers, IPL's and cold dispenser manufactured in the state-of-the-art facilities equipped with highly reliable and globally competitive manufacturing systems.

We are striving to secure the independent R&D technology by establishing a technology R&D center and shipping our products not only to large and medium sized companies in Korea on an OEM/ODM basis but a lso to the customers in more than 40 countries in the world by making a ceaseless effort in developing various kinds of new technologies and new products.

We promise all of you that we will grow step by step to be a world class company making an unlimited impression on customers through constant technology innovation based on environment products and health products under our own ionia brand.


IONIA is the historical trail contributed to the development of Korean ionized water industry.

Since its establishment in 1982, the company has contributed to the remarkable economic development of the nation for 30 years, built up the infrastructure of a new global network achieving the export of US$4 millions at the markets in the world, and realizes the real health culture to keep clients’ health by researching, developing and manufacturing the essential materials for human beings.



    • 2018.11
      Attended in G-FAIR exhibition and franchise exhibition
    • 2018.02
      Selected State Prospective Medium & Small Enterprise
    • 2017.12
      Obtained EC certification (Model: IHD-1000)
    • 2017.10
      ONIA has been selected as a promising small and medium sized enterprise by the Gyeonggi Provincial
    • 2016.04
      CE certificate acquired (Model: SM-S230TL)
    • 2016.02
      Top winner of Brand Power awarded Money Today (in Alkaline water ionizer)
    • 2015.10
      Acquired of Patent for water ionizer that can supply sterilized water alkaline water simultaneously
      (No. 10 -1564594)
    • 2015.06
      Developed LCD (5”, 7”) ionizer
    • 2015.06
      Developed USB upgrade type
    • 2014.10
      Won “Future creation management awards of Korea” given by Korean program show
    • 2014.08
      Acquired CE Certification (Model : U-Blue)
    • 2014.06
      Acquired CE Certification (Model : SM-V112TL)
    • 2014.04
      Lunched New Model (I-110, I-210)
    • 2013.04
      Won”2013 Brand Power Awards” given by Korean program show
    • 2013.01
      Acquired CE Certification (Model : EN-7P)
    • 2012.01
      Merged and acquired Korea Medi Co., Ltd.



    • 2011.08
      Developed large Naturally Sterilized Water Generator
    • 2011.05
      Participated in 107th Spring Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China
    • 2011.05
      Developed/supplied Sterilized Water Kit (Jointly developed with LG Electronics Inc.)
    • 2011.03
      High-frequency hair-removal device, launched developed IPL - Home beauty apparatus
    • 2010.12
      Launched 2 sorts of Ion Phase Apparatus (Stick Ion and Ion Mini)
    • 2010.11
      Extended IONIA building to the total area of 1052.09㎡
    • 2010.09
      Participated in Autumn Symposium of Korea Functional Mathematics Society
    • 2010.06
      Participated in 10th International Health Exhibition in China
    • 2010.05
      Participated in G-Fair (Korea Excellent Products Exhibition) in Mumbai Participated
      in Spring Symposium of Korea Functional Mathematics Society
    • 2010.04
      Acquired Tomato Bidet and established Bidet Div.



    • 2009.10
      KGMP regular Certification Test – KFDA
    • 2009.03
      Contracted Supply Agreement with WiniaMando Inc.
    • 2009.01
      Contracted Supply Agreement with LG Electronics Inc.
    • 2007.08
      Acquired the product permit of Medical Ion Phase Apparatus (The first time in the field of industry)
    • 2006.02
      Being appointed as INNO-BIZ Company (The first time in the field of industry)
    • 2006.01
      Changed the company name to IONIA Co.,Ltd.



    • 2005.04
      Registered to the U.S.FDA
    • 2004.06
      Acquired KGMP Certificate
    • 2003.09
      Acquired ISO 14001
    • 2002.08
      Being appointed as Promising Export S&M Company
    • 2002.08
      Being appointed as Venture Business (Gyeonggi Province)
    • 2001.06
      Acquired ISO 9001
    • 1999.06
      Changed the company name to Dongyang Science Co.,Ltd.
    • 1982.05
      Established Korea Dongyang Science Co., Ltd.