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  • DARC System - Automatic change of flow path (6 Overseas Patents)
  • Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow.
  • Exact calculation of filter durability with Flux control.
  • Extended range of pH selection and control.
  • Modern Design.
  • Product Features
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Product Specifications

Power Supply Transformer or SMPS
Power Consumption Max 150W or 250W
Dimension 65 x 380 x 175 (W x H x D)mm
Electrode 5, 7, 9 plate (Platinized Titanium)
Electrolysis Setting Strong Alkaline (1 Level), Alkaline (4 Level), Purified Water, Acidic Water (4 Level)
Cleaning Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning System (DARC)
pH Value pH 3.0(±0.5)~11(±0.5) Actual pH values ​​may vary depending on the local source water environment.
Display Method LED Module
Number of filters One Filter
Filter Media Activated Cabon Filter, UF Membrane Filter (Optional)
Filter Indicator LED Indicator
ON/OFF Valve Solenoid Valve