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Ice Dispenser

Cool ICE Dispenser

  • Enjoy a hot summer with cool ICE Dispenser
  • Convenience of product management
  • Simple design
  • Temperature sensor mounting
  • Grill-type Impeller Structure
  • Maximize Cooling Effect
  • Product Features
  • Spec

Product Specifications

Capacity Rating 6.0ℓ, Max 8.0ℓ
Quantity 2EA
Input Voltage AC 100-230V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 260W
Demensions 288mm x 346mm x 420mm (Except Bowl)288mm x 568mm x 421mm
Weight 23kg
Refrigerants / Weight R134a / 47g
ON / OFF Thermistor
Using Condition Ambient temperature 10
Cooling Velocity 2Hours (The time required to cool the solution at 20 Ambient temperature 25